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Welcome! I’m Jeevan Gupta, a passionate software engineer with a knack for solving complex problems and a desire to make a positive impact. I enjoy exploring technology to achieve challenging goals and build ideas from imagination into reality. I’m thrilled to have you here and eager to share more about myself with you.

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“I’m making your ‘today’ automated and your ‘future’ magical through the power of technology”

– Jeevan Gupta

About Me:

I hail from the beautiful shores of Goa, India, where my love for tinkering began. My early education took place at St. Andrew’s Institute in Vasco-da-Gama, a cherished convent school. 

My educational journey led me to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) from KLE Technological University (Dr. M.S. Sheshgiri Campus Belgaum), which was part of the renowned Visvesvaraya Technological University in Karnataka, India.

Building upon this strong educational foundation, I pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science (MCS) from Arizona State University. All the while, I managed a dynamic role as a Software Engineer (Developer) at Bay Leaf Digital (BLD), a startup based in Dallas, Texas, with a focus on Digital Marketing and a vision for developing in-house “Digital Marketing Analytics” Software as a Service (SaaS) product named Amplytics.

“A passion for sharing happiness and a hobby for sharing knowledge. The more I share, the more it grows.”

– Jeevan Gupta

Professional Experience:

I am a seasoned software engineer with almost 5 years of professional experience in Data (Analytics) Engineering, API Integrations, and Full-Stack Backend-Heavy Development. I am proficient in API integrations and developing Data pipelines (ETL/ELT), data quality solutions, chatbots, and database schemas.

I have a proven track record and have consistently demonstrated my ability to design, implement, and manage innovative software applications. My true passion in my career lies in tackling complex challenges head-on. I find immense satisfaction in problem-solving, and the result, no matter how demanding the journey, fuels my motivation and sense of accomplishment.

My primary language is Python3, and I possess a strong skill set in a comprehensive tech stack that includes Django (MTV, DRF), AWS (S3, Secrets Manager, EC2, RDS, Lambda), Rest API, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL/NoSQL, Azure Bot Service LUIS for chatbots, OpenAI API / Claude API, UiPath for RPA, Blockchain, Bootstrap CSS Class, HTML/CSS, JSON, and more. 

In addition, I am familiar with tools and technologies such as Docker, Flask, Fast API, AWS Step Function, Spark, LLM (Large Language Model), and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG). I’m excited about the prospect of diving into these technologies and incorporating them into my projects.

  • – I have experience in developing and integrating 9+ APIs for various marketing platforms (Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, etc.) and HubSpot CRM. I have developed 9+ data pipelines (ETL/ELT) to streamline data flow and automate workflows.
  • – I have spearheaded the refactoring and optimization of these data pipelines and developed 2+ data quality solutions, forming a strong foundation of marketing analytics SaaS products.
  • – Furthermore, I have developed 7+ core features and functionalities for a marketing analytics SaaS web application Amplytics using Python3, Django (MVT, DRF, RESTful API), RestAPI, AWS (EC2, S3, Secret, Lambda, RDS), and SQL (PostgreSQL). These functionalities included features like Campaign Tracker, Platform Linking through OAuth, Quick Launch, Campaign Triage/Summary, etc. In addition, I use JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap CSS, and HTML/CSS to enhance user interaction on the front end.
  • – I have experience in developing robust automation for repetitive tasks, web scraping, improving efficiency, and saving resources. I dive deep into technical challenges, hunt for root causes, and deliver innovative solutions. 

In addition to my technical skills, I excel in managing the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). I bridge the gap between business needs and technical execution, translating business requirements into clear technical objectives, and ensuring projects align with strategic goals and deliver value. 

My commitment to expanding my knowledge drives me to actively seek opportunities to leverage my skills in building innovative data-driven products.

I thrive in fast-paced agile environments, collaborating with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to drive projects toward success. My unwavering belief in the transformative power of programming fuels my commitment to improving people’s lives.

Expertise and Interests

  • Data (Analytics) Engineering, Backend Heavy Full Stack (Features & Functionality) Development, API Integration, Marketing Analytics SaaS, Data Mining, Data Pipeline (ELT/ETL), Database Schemas/Design, Code Optimisation, Root Cause Analysis, Debugging, Process Automation, OOPs
  • Understanding Business Requirements, Translating Business Requirements to Technical Scope, Scope/ Sprint Planning, Agile Working Practices, Mentoring, Building Tech Team, SOLID principles
  • Intellectually Curious, Flexible, Enjoy Learning, Individual Contributor, Patience, Team & Individual Player, Technical Documentation and Communication, Research Driven, POC

Work Experience:

Company: Bay Leaf Digital 
Worked: Sep 2019 to July 2024

Lead Software Engineer SaaS – (Jan 2023 – July 2024):

  • DevelopingfullstackfeaturesandfunctionalitiesusingPython3,Django,REST API,AWS(S3,Secrets
    Manager, EC2, Lambda), jQuery, SQL (Postgres), for SaaS (web-app) product
  • Developing 9+ API integrations for marketing platforms (Google Ads & Analytics, LinkedIn,
    Facebook/Meta, etc) and CRM (HubSpot) to extract, process, and standardize multi-source data
  • Building 5+ core SaaS/web app functionalities (CreateTracker, IntegratePlatform, QuickLaunch, etc)
  • Accelerating development by leveraging AI tools (ChatGPT, Gemini) to enhance research and
    brainstorming, maximizing coding expertise with a 50% reduction in development time
  • Using Python3, Web Scraping, NodeJS, and OpenAI API to develop algorithms for webpage
    monitoring, enhancing change summary accuracy by 70%
  • Converting business requirements to technical scope, improving project delivery accuracy by 80%
  • Implementing modular and component-based architecture, minimizing component dependencies, enabling parallel development, and boosting efficiency by 60%, decreasing debugging time by 70%

Senior Software Engineer – (Sep 2020 – Dec 2022):

  • Managed and built a team of 2 and coordinated with the CEO toward the development of MVP
  • Built marketing analytics chatbot with the help of Azure Bot Service, LUIS, and Rest API. Chatbot
    allows users to retrieve insights through natural language queries
  • Reduced compute costs by 20% through code refactoring, optimizations, and minimizing technical debt
  • Improved data availability by 50% by developing automated data warehouse and quality solutions
  • Resolved 80% of web app performance bottlenecks through modular, component-based development
  • Developed Python3 and NodeJs (Puppeteer, Cheerio) modules to crawl & scrape 1,000+ web pages, in
    under 623 seconds

Software Engineer – (Sep 2019 – Sep 2020):

  • Architected software product foundation, 3+ API integrations, and 5+ ETL/ELT workflows
  • Automated business processes with Python3, UiPath (RPA), Google NLP, and ShellScript, saving
    business analytics team 2-4 hours weekly and cutting down decision-making time by 50%
  • Optimized Python code by transforming it into a structured multi-model format, resulting in a 50%
    reduction in runtime
  • Enhanced UI/UX of 4 client websites, increasing dynamism by 40% and improving brand perception

Skills and Tech Stack

  • Python3, RestAPI, SQL (PostgreSQL/MySQL), JavaScript/jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Unified Modeling Language (UML), NoSQL (MongoDB), RESTful development
  • Django, Django Rest Framework(DRF), FastAPI, Flask, Bootstrap, LangChain, NodeJS
  • GitHub/BitBucket, Postman, Docker, Kubernetes, Spark, Kafka, Slack, ClickUp, RPA-UiPath, Airflow, AWS, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), LLM – OpenAI/ClaudeAI, ETL/ELT, JSON,
  • GraphQL, XML, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Technical Documentation, Communication, Scrum, Azure Chat Bot – LUIS, Plotly, Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out to me if you want to talk to me about emerging tech, software products, technical challenges/problems, or want my mentorship.

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Entrepreneur Spirit

To me, entrepreneurship means having an innovative mindset, creativity, and the ability to bring positive change to society. It’s about having a vision and the determination to make it a reality. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in business or spirit, it’s about making a difference.

The Evolving Face of Entrepreneurship:

In my view, entrepreneurs are not exclusively business owners. Today, anyone who embodies an innovative mindset, creative thinking, and the drive to create positive change can be called an entrepreneur. It’s a state of mind characterized by a willingness to explore new possibilities, challenge the established order, and take calculated risks to make a difference.

Whether you’re steering your own venture or contributing your entrepreneurial spirit within an existing organization, your ability to innovate, inspire change, and leave a positive mark on society is what truly defines you as an entrepreneur.