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I write about programming solutions, technology, technical solution, travels, and social.

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The ability of code analysis, optimization, and technical debt reduction

I am good at analyzing any given code, especially in the python3 programming language. I can understand code, find bugs, structuring, and scalability constraints.

Recently I have analyzed 12 data pipelines, 3 quality handling processes, and 2 failure management processes. Initially, all the above code has a processing time of 1150.16 seconds. After container-component-based restructuring and technical debt reduction, the total runtime is 238.49 seconds. I reduced the run-time and compute cost by nearly 80%

Proficiency in Data Engineering Task

I have built code to organize data to make it easy for other systems and people to use.

I am proficient in:

  1. Gathering data requirements from business leaders and data analysts.
  2. Develop, construct, test, and maintain architectures that align with business requirements.
  3. Data pipelining process, data warehousing, and data wrangling.
  4. Python code to improve data reliability, efficiency, and quality.
  5. Conduct research for industry and business questions
  6. Sophisticated data cleansing and data recovery programs.

I have built more than 10 worker codes to make raw data more useful. Some of the python worker code is set on a scheduler that runs daily to support data-driven SaaS products. I have good experience with Python, Amazon EC2, PostgreSQL/SQL, Database schema design, etc. I have done my MS projects over a No-SQL data set.

Process Automation

Automation Process and Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

My automation code and process save around 4 hours daily for business and analytics teams. I have practical knowledge of converting a complex physical process into an automated process using RPA or Python Code. Design, structuring, and developing an automation process are some fun and adventurous projects. I love doing such problem-solving projects.

Some of the automation processes I have built, I can count on are:

  1. Disavow process using RPA (UiPath) and Python code.
  2. WordPress site backup and recovery process.
  3. Linkfinder is based on keywords and patterns.
  4. Product and SKU finder of an e-commerce site. 
  5. Chat Bot using azure chatbot services (Bot Composer).
  6. SaaS domain classifier. 

My automation processes need little to no regular maintenance. The processes are designed to run as per pre-set schedule or with very little intervention. The process consists of simple python code to natural language processing, the combination of programming language and technologies to achieve the needed requirement.

Expertise in Third Party API Integration (ETL Data Pipeline)

Third-Party APIs Integration uses the application ETL data pipeline process. I am pretty good at building python code implementing ETL data pipeline. I have the expertise in building code for :

  1. Automated Oauth authentication,
  2. Setting accounts like developer accounts with the third-party API provider, creating applications, launching applications, etc.
  3. Code for getting API tokens, automatic renewal of token as soon as the expiry date is near.
  4. Highly complex, scalable, reusable, and optimized python worker code to use the tokens and extract data.

I have developed Python code that uses GrapgQL, AWQL, and REST APIs. I have developed an ETL data pipeline for 8+ APIs. Some API integration is in development.

Website Scraper, HTML Scraper, and Code for Layout Compare

I have built a very complex and scalable code to scrape websites and do the structure compared with its new versions. This project is one of the elements of differentiation functionality and feature of SaaS products. 

  1. I have used Nodejs code to extract a website source code and separate JavaScript(internal/external), CSS(inline/internal/external) and HTML content elements. 
  2. One of the most important libraries of the above code is the puppeteer. 
  3. Design a process and code to store the website layout, the website content, the website media as a base version of the website. 
  4. Use the history of versions to compare new versions. 
  5. Find out critical content and layout changes of the web pages, that may affect the UX of the web page. 

The above part was the best talent of the code I have developed.

I have also developed python code using beautiful soup to scrape sites. The code automates business-side manual processes. Saves 2-4 hours daily for the business team by automating the process. The automated process takes less than 30 min. Some of the website scraping-based code I developed are SKU finder, determining product pages, determining if a domain is SaaS or not, finding sites/authors for backlink building, etc.

Code Structuring, Code Logic, and Reliable Coding Style

I have fulfilled technical requirements, solved complex technical problems, and automated long manual processes by building complex logic. My codes are highly structured, highly modular, scalable, and efficient. I constantly keep visiting code logic and code structure to find a scope for optimization. I have hands-on in coding 15 worker codes, 2 – process automation codes, 10 data engineering codes (data pipeline, data cleansing, data recovery, and so on). I have built 8 full-stack codes (from the design of feature/functionality to execution), 5 website scraper codes, failure correction, status logger, and the list keeps growing.

My design code structure and logic are robust and of good quality. Its also proven by safe daily heavy processing, failure proof, proper bug message if any, easy to debug, and easy to extend the scope of the code. I code in several programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Jquery, Node JS, and Shell Script.

My codes are distinct because they are reliable, robust, flexible, modular, reusable, understandable, easy to extend, and easy to debug. The coding style is one of my software engineering qualities.


Building Mobile Friendly Website – Web Development

I love web development – especially the CSS part of it. Python development gives me a challenge, and excitement, and helps me extend my comfort zone which I enjoy. On the other hand, web development is relaxing for me, this is something I look for when I want some change, some refreshment.

I am pretty good at developing WordPress websites and a good web development team player. I own 2 websites and carry out their maintenance by myself. I have created 3 WordPress websites. I have maintained 6 WordPress websites for Bay Leaf Digital clients. Have experience in converting entire websites to mobile-friendly websites, purely by coding (CSS, media query, and JavaScript). It was a huge website though and a fun project.

I am quite good at designing, structuring, building, launching, and maintaining features or functions of the website, SaaS products – Full Stack Projects. One such project I’m proud of is Amplytics. I also have experience in building website wireframes and designing user interfaces.


Human Puppet Show – 2015

This puppet show was my 3rd show but it was very different from the rest because it was a comedy show with 14 team members and facing 300+ crowds. It was very special to me since I was responsible for scripting, costume design, and organization of the entire Human puppet show. The show was a huge hit, with the effort of the entire team. It was a great show with an awesome and smart working team – we enjoyed it a lot.

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