Author: Jeevan Gupta

How to Install WordPress Plugins – in 3 Steps – Beginner Tutorial

Step by Step guide to install WordPress Plugins. Hi readers, Hope you are doing good. This article is especially for non-technical WordPress website owners or handlers, who get overwhelmed when it comes to searching for plugins, installing plugins, and finally activating and using them. Here you will learn how to search, install and activate any […]

Python code to request and download Microsoft Advertising report using Microsoft Advertising API

Get Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads) insights with Python. Hi Everyone, hope you are keeping well. I have put together this article to help you guys in building python logic to use Microsoft Advertising APIs. The following is the general flow for requesting any report. Create a credentials file to store credentials. Authenticate yourself using […]

Microsoft Advertising API Setup Guide – Get Started with Microsoft Advertising API (Bing Ads API)

How to generate Microsoft Developer Token? How to set up/register an app in Microsoft Azure – for generating access tokens and refresh tokens? Hi, Hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for stopping by. It’s another day to learn something fruitful. To give you an idea of what we will be learning here. […]