Free SSL certificate setup guide for your domain

No doubt you are going to make a good website or you already have a nice website with excellent user experience, fast loading, mobile friendly and healthy SEO. In this era people always look at that lock icon under the url bar or https in your website url. 

If your website shows a strike over lock icon in the url bar or website domain starts with http,You should get worried because your website is not secure, Google ranking website will also be affected and websites without https will leave a bad impression on your users. SSL certificates can help you get rid of all above pain, which comes at a cost. 

But don’t worry if you have a website for a small business or yourself, Which doesn’t require any user to feed in any important credentials. You can have an SSL certificate for free. Continue reading to know how to get an SSL certificate for free.

If you just want to start to build a website or need a list of plugin to install then you can skip this article and head over to these guides:

1. Create an Account on Cloudflare:

First go to
and sign up if you are doing it for the first time, otherwise login.

2. Add Website to Cloudflare Account:

Type in the domain for which you want to get an ssl certificate in the provided field. Im using

Proceed by clicking on “Add site” and Select “Free” services under select a plan. Go head and click on “confirm plan”.

Scroll down and Click on “continue” and you will get two nameservers note them down.

3. Change the Nameserver:

Go to your domain provider website, click on DNS (underline with red).

Select the custom name server option and add the 2 name server you got in the last step and save it.

4. Install Cloudflare Plugin:

Meanwhile got to wordpress > plugin > add new

And install “Cloudflare Flexible SSL” and activate it.

5. Enable SSL:

Go to cloudflare (make sure you are logged in) and click on “SSL/TLS” go to “Edge certificate”. 

Scroll down to “Always Use HTTPS” and turn it on.

That’s it you are done. And with this, now you have your SSL certificate applied for free to your website 

Note: to reflect the changes we just added, it will take at least 24 hours to 48 hours. So keep patience.

After that you see a lock icon in your browser i.e https in the url website urls ( ).


It’s easy to get an SSL certificate with a cost, no doubt. With a free ssl certificate? You can get what you need with just a bit of research.

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