Blaming each other will not going to work

People Blaming Government, As Usual – reality and how one can avoid blame game?

Blaming each other will not going to work

We, the people of India blame the government for each and everything. Am I right? We tend to blame the government for our woes. Well, which is common in all democracies because the governments are answerable to the voters. The voters have the right to question and blame the government. Rising prices, stalling of the economy or the economic downfall. The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer and unemployed. The gossip “Economy was already falling and the unemployment rate was anyways increasing, COVID-19 is just a good excuse which the government is using”.

For all our blames entirely the government is not responsible, even we The People of India play a very important role. We contribute to uncontrolled population growth. We are also responsible for a large number of unqualified educated people, I am sure you know what I mean, thus resulting in unemployment. On the other hand, just by electing a government, we think it’s the sole responsibility of the government to contribute toward the betterment of the country, the development of the country and they must solve all the problems on their own.

  So let’s take a step back, and let’s think a bit before we start blaming anyone. What did we do to support the growth of our nation? Did we create employment and the government stopped us from doing that? Did we teach our kids to gain good knowledge rather than just running behind the merits? Did we stick to the “Hum do, Hamare do” concept? Did we file our taxes honestly? If no, then we are not in the position to question the government just because we elected them.


“For a table full of dishes, to taste and to look good it’s not the table that has all the responsibility. Each dish on the table should test good and look graceful, to make the entire dining area complete and worth-it.”

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